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Content developers and creative agencies want text to look as good on mobile phones as it does in other environments – such as desktop PCs or game consoles. Content developers and creative agencies want text to convey the same emotion and to work as well with graphic elements. Most of all, text needs to engage end users – and content developers and creative agencies don’t want to have to “re-imagine” the content just to fit the platform. They want the same great content to look equally great everywhere.

Fonts are a proven way to influence and appeal to users’ emotions. Monotype Imaging lets text express your content in the style to which users have become accustomed – no matter what the platform or language.

Content Developers and Creative Agencies Want:

• A wide selection of fonts that look great on cell phones
• Flexibility to choose fonts that not only express creativity and emotion but also differentiate and personalize
• Fonts capable of delivering unique and compelling branded experiences
• The widest possible audience for content
• The ability to use technologies for the phone based on industry standards
• The ability to consistently deliver stylized or branded content that will be displayed as it was intended to be viewed

What We Deliver:

• ESQ Mobile fonts that have been optimized for high-quality display on smartphones and feature phones
• Font designs that complement user interface and content themes
• Typefaces or custom designs that can be tailored to work within branded content and applications
• Support for multiple languages
• Scalable fonts based on TrueType® and OpenType® standards – yet fine-tuned for the small screen
• The iType® font engine and WorldType® Layout Engine solutions that handle text rendering and text layout functions


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