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MicroType® Express (MTX) - Google Web Fonts team

Monotype Imaging and the Google Web Fonts team have teamed up to make Web fonts even better. Our main focus is to reduce file size. Smaller Web fonts means that pages designed with Web fonts load even faster.

The work between Google Web Fonts and our Web Fonts team has resulted in the integration our patented MicroType® Express (MTX) compression technology as part of Google Web Fonts for Internet Explorer® browsers (version 6 and higher). MTX offers benefits not just in reduced file size but also in ways that enhance the user experience.

Our collaboration with the Google Web Fonts team has led to the conclusion that to maximize the value of MTX, it should be adopted by Web browsers and fonts tools. To facilitate this, we’re now offering MTX at no cost, as described in our W3C submissions and subject to the terms of our license.

MTX offers a variety of benefits:

  • Page load speed – with smaller font files, Web fonts used in branded content will load even faster.
  • Font rendering quality – smaller font files enable greater screen optimization of Web fonts for better display quality across a variety of device screens.
  • Font features – smaller fonts provide more room for OpenType® features.
  • Cross platform performance – with Monotype Imaging and the Google Web Fonts team working with the W3C, the Web community and other browser vendors to adopt Web font compression technology, our collective aim is to enable greater user experiences to all audiences, regardless of the browser.


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