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Multilingual Fonts

See what makes Monotype Imaging one of the world’s largest provider of multilingual font solutions for software and hardware developers.

Font Catalog for OEMs
View our extensive selection of fonts for OEMs and developers. For more information regarding script and language support, including which languages are supported by which scripts, visit our multilingual font catalog.

East Asian Fonts
Clients turn to Monotype Imaging to meet complex font requirements for Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages, commonly referred to as “CJK” in the computer industry. We provide small-in-size, stroke-based fonts that allow OEMs and developers of memory-constrained devices to include East Asian font capabilities. Our stroke-based solution meets customer requirements for optimal screen and print quality.

WorldType® Font Suites
WorldType font suites provide a fast and practical solution for offering wide language support on mobile devices.

Unicode Conformant Fonts
Monotype Imaging licenses fonts that are Unicode™ compliant for all of the world’s written languages. In fact, every font we release complies with the Unicode Standard.

We are a member of the Unicode Consortium, a nonprofit organization formed in 1991 with the goal of supporting the worldwide interchange, processing, and display of the written texts of the languages and technical disciplines of the modern world. Monotype Imaging is active in the organization and presents at the annual Internationalization & Unicode Conference.

The level of multilingual expertise within Monotype Imaging is unsurpassed. Thanks to the breadth and experience of our type development group, we’re able to work closely with OEMs and developers on highly tailored or custom solutions, whether the need is for one font to support a single script or one or more fonts to support several scripts.

Arial Unicode
Originally licensed exclusively to Microsoft, the Arial Unicode® MS typeface is now available from Monotype Imaging. We also offer functional equivalents, including identical width metrics and characters support.

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Contact us about how our fonts and technologies can help complete your system software product.

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