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In non-Latin scripts such as Arabic, Bengali, Cambodian (Khmer), the process of glyph selection, combining and reordering is known as “shaping”.

WorldType ShaperCharacter shaping and bi-directional (bidi) reordering are highly specific tasks, and are only part of a complete text rendering solution. Your software might already have the robust layout system needed to support non-complex scripts, as well as font management and rendering capabilities. However, it doesn’t include intelligent shaping and bidi abilities, and your development team is not able to re-architect the current text rendering system. WorldType® Shaper solves your dilemma.

By utilizing a small number of APIs which can be easily integrated into your existing layout and rendering routines, WorldType Shaper adds the necessary shaping and bi-directional (bidi) support required by your clients.

For more information on the WorldType Shaper SDK, please contact us.


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