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SpectraWorks 2.6

SpectraWorks 2.6


GUI Technology for Consumer Electronics Devices


Our SpectraWorks™ 2.6 solution is a platform-independent suite of embedded UI development tools for embedded systems that allow you to create highly engaging graphical user interfaces. GUI design and deployment occur in a single phase. You’re able to reduce or eliminate steps in the design, development and testing cycles to bring your product to market faster. Employ SpectraWorks GUI development tools to enhance the look-and-feel of applications in virtually any device with a display, from digital cameras and printer control panels to BluRay® players and consumer appliances.

Design once with SpectraWorks
SpectraWorks GUI development tools enable close collaboration between user interface designers and software engineers – an uncommon scenario when using alternative solutions. By sharing the same digital design files, designers and developers can more easily reduce development time and more quickly bring high-quality GUI products to market.

SpectraWorks offers hardware cross-platform portability and works with Linux®, Windows® Embedded CE, WindRiver VxWorks®, pSos™ and iTron® systems, in addition to configurations without an operating system.

Three GUI development applications comprise the SpectraWorks solution:

Our SpectraBuilder™ professional GUI design tool allows designers to create platform-independent UIs without writing code. By separating design elements and the software, SpectraBuilder simplifies the process of carrying brands across a line of products.

The SpectraCore™ GUI engine includes a versatile library of widget building blocks that jumpstart development. With innovative “skin” technology, SpectraCore uses a small asset size to build high performance and easy-maintenance characteristics into most GUIs. SpectraCore is extremely portable and ideal for devices with very light CPU, RAM, ROM and system requirements.

SpectraApps™ software brings out the personalities, features and functions of any SpectraWorks-enabled device. Most SpectraApps are written by the device designers. We also supply a variety of feature-rich multimedia reference applications, such as our Digital Photo Manager application.

Click here to download the PC-based SpectraWorks SDK, or here to download the SpectraWorks brochure.


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